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Pola Pola


Step into the world with confidence, knowing that Pola is not just a bag but an expression of your refined taste and appreciation for quality. Embrace the allure of handcrafted elegance with Pola, a Large Tote Bag that effortlessly blends artistry, spaciousness, and comfort.

Price €80.00
Laura Laura


Whether you're heading to the market, beach, or office, this Large Tote Bag seamlessly blends fashion-forward design with a conscious nod to sustainability, making it the perfect accessory for the modern, environmentally aware individual.

Price €70.00
Clutch Flora Clutch Flora

Clutch Flora

Whether you're heading out for a casual day or a special evening event, this handbag is the perfect companion, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Elevate your fashion statement with our handmade small handbag, where meticulous craftsmanship meets a touch of floral sophistication.

Price €40.00
Bolero Bolero


The bag you can wear however you want.

Price €85.00
Nely Nely


Nely is the bag, with great resistance to weight, in a wonderful color and texture you will love it immediately

Price €58.00
Mina Mina


If you are looking for a bag for your daily outing and beyond, Mina will become indispensable.

Price €65.00
Shery Shery


This bag will add warm colors to your daily activities.

Price €65.00
Bee Bee


If you love big and comfortable bags for your daily activity, your bee will become essential.

Price €70.00
Goldie XL Goldie XL

Goldie XL

A bag for "chic" appearances since old gold in combination with black has always been the classic combination of a chic outfit.

Price €110.00
Dalia Dalia


Dalia is a bag with a timeless character that is a must for your collection.

Ideal as a gift for loved ones.

Price €80.00
Sweater Bag Sweater Bag

Sweater Bag

0Its knitting is reminiscent of a thick cozy sweater, ideal to accompany your outfit in the most wintery destinations.

Price €60.00
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Roxy Roxy


Inspired by the rock of the sea with a color and shape reminiscent of it.

Price €85.00

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